Traeger-Cowling Ltd, was Founded by  Gavin Traeger and David Cowling. 


David on Gavin

Gavin has worked in the framing business both in the United states and the UK for over 25 years. The Last 11 years have been with the top two framers in the UK, working with galleries, collectors and artists.

He has a vast knowledge of framing techniques and how to apply them in the best way to present art works. He looks forward to finding the right solution for each project and develop ongoing relationships with customers.

Gavin on David

David has a fine art education and has been at the helm of his own business for the last 20 years. Traeger-Cowling is a return to Dave's source passion of fine art.

The skills he has developed whilst creating bespoke carpentry solutions for residential and business clients, now serve him very well in creating bespoke art presentation solutions.

Its a pleasure working with a skilled professional.